• pic 1

    Jimmy Durante

    as Smiler Grogan

  • pic 2

    Mickey Rooney

    as "Dingy" Bell

    Buddy Hackett

    as "Benjy" Benjamin

    Sid Caesar

    as Melville Crump

  • pic 3

    Milton Berle

    as J. Russell Finch

  • pic 4


    as Lt. Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne

    Ethel Merman

    as Mrs. Marcus

    Dorothy Provine

    as Emmeline Marcus-Finch

  • pic 5

    Jonathan Winters

    as Lennie Pike

  • pic 6

    Phil Silvers

    as Otto Meyer

  • pic 7

    Spencer Tracy

    as Captain T. G. Culpeper

  • pic 8

    Jim Backus

    as Tyler Fitzgerald

  • pic 9

    Don Knotts

    as The Nervous Motorist

  • pic 10

    Peter Falk

    as The Cab Driver

    Eddie "Rochester" Anderson

    as The Taxi Driver

  • pic 11

    Dick Shawn

    as Sylvester Marcus

  • pic 12

    Edie Adams

    as Monica Crump

  • pic 13

    Paul Ford

    as Colonel Wilberforce

Great Cast?

Days of Yore

Greatest Cast Ever, is my vote, but I think you need to be Of A Certain Age to appreciate that. These people were established stars by the early 1960s, and now, 50 years later, I would imagine that most of the current generation have little to no clue about the 'stars' of IAMMMMW, even the faces that might seem vaguely familiar.

That's a shame, but so it goes.

Don't Own This Movie?

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